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Fusion Serious Sam Fusion is the latest in the Serious Sam series. Fusion is considered to be the fusion of Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3. It also features the majority of the technology, assets and features from Serious Sam 3. It also features the majority of the technology, assets and features from Serious Sam 2. Upgrades Serious Sam Fusion uses Croteam's own Voxel Engine, along with the Serious Engine 2. In-game 3D effects are fully integrated into the game engine and are rendered in real-time. The game is being developed and enhanced on the basis of user feedback, which is fed into the development process for the next release. The game includes several improvements over previous titles in the series, such as Directx 11 support. The game includes new features such as new AI (scripted and semi-scripted), new character skins, new weapons, new playable classes, new physics, new graphic settings, new UI enhancements and various other additions. Other features include cutscenes, a new co-op multiplayer mode, and the ability to save at any point during a campaign. It was developed with the dual-core CPU in mind and runs on DirectX 11 with full hardware acceleration. Serious Sam Fusion is the last game in the Serious Sam series to use the Serious Engine 2. Multiplayer Serious Sam Fusion features an online multiplayer mode. Players can play head to head using a LAN connection or via a live internet connection via Steam, and up to 16 players can play in one game. The game supports AI bots, which take on the role of enemies (AI controlled), and players. Games can be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game also features a co-op multiplayer mode, where two players work together, playing as a single entity, and work together to accomplish a single goal. Story Serious Sam Fusion is based on the Serious Sam 2 storyline, which revolves around Sam's quest to destroy all alien technology in his hometown of Cholula, Mexico. Players will explore a large number of locations in the game, from a jungle to a lunar base, an imperial Japanese naval ship and even a base on Mars. Reception Serious Sam Fusion was met with mixed to negative reviews, while some reviews praised the game, others criticized it for being a poor sequel. GamesRadar included the game in their list of The best games that never were. References Category:2010 video



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Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta) Free Download [pack] shoger

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